Mezzanine Flooring Options



Dynamic provides a range of mezzanine flooring options to meet the specific requirements for each floor.

Particle board -Ideal for light storage and office use. Dynamic doesn’t recommend particle board flooring where pallet jacks are used.

Compressed Fibre Cement -very strong and fire resistant. Recommended for wet areas and high point loading such as pallet jacks.

Grid Mesh -strong, economical and lightweight. The grating meets the requirements of the relevant SAA code. This anti-slip surface is ideal for walkovers, catwalks, ramps, roof top platforms and where lighting and fire sprinklers can be used from above.

Plywood -the strongest, lightest and most versatile flooring product made from a renewable resource. This strong and durable pre-sanded panel is recommended for high point loading such as pallet jacks and pallet racking.

Checker plate –superior strength and quality and is ideally suited in demanding environments where strength, durability and closed/sealed applications are paramount. The pattern retains non slip characteristics and is recommended for walkways, ramps and non-slip areas.
Anti slip pre-finished flooring – A textured pre-finished particleboard flooring material developed specifically for mezzanine floor areas. The top laminated surface is slip resistant to a rating of R12, and the underside of the flooring has a smooth white melamine finish for a professional looking finish under the mezzanine and increased light reflection.