The Flexible Nature of Mezzanine Floors

Freestanding and Relocatable

The Flexible Nature of Mezzanine Floors


We know that mezzanine floors are a great alternative to moving premises when you need more storage, manufacturing, or facility space. However some Melbourne warehouse owners and managers are nervous about investing in a mezzanine level, in case they end up moving one day. Although mezzanine levels are created and built to the demands of your current warehouse, they are also typically semi-permanent and freestanding. Therefore, even if you do need to move eventually, in most cases you can take your mezzanine level with you.


Why Install a Mezzanine Level?

Most warehouses are built much taller than they need to be, leaving a lot of wasted air space. Mezzanine floors can be multi-tiered, allowing for maximum usage of vertical space. They can also have multiple uses, for example, you may want to install showers underneath an office mezzanine, as well as a kitting area on top of a storage mezzanine. Mezzanine floors can likewise be built over large machinery and any other obstacles taking up ground floor space, ensuring you’re using every square inch available. Turn your wasted air space into valuable work or storage space, by adding a mezzanine floor.

Warehouse Structure:

When considering installing a mezzanine level, one question you may have is whether or not the mezzanine floor will affect your current warehouse structure. While freestanding mezzanines don’t have to rely on attaching to your walls, your foundation will need to be inspected to guarantee it can withstand the extra load. Additionally the type of inventory stored on and under the mezzanine floor will affect how tall you should go, as well as how many mezzanine levels you can install. It is always best to consult with a mezzanine professional before buying a new system, to ensure a design based on the structural capabilities of your building.

Your Mezzanine Provider:

A turnkey provider provides a complete product or service that is ready for immediate use. A mezzanine turnkey provider offers start-to-finish solutions for your warehouse or industrial space. Unfortunately, not all mezzanine companies offer turnkey services. They may either manufacture or install the mezzanine, but they might not offer custom design or engineering consultations. Dynamic can help you with everything from designing a new system, to installing it. Therefore, if you want a system that can be relocated one day, then Dynamic can design your system to ensure this happens.



Freestanding mezzanine floors can be used for a wide range of applications, and are one of the most economical and efficient ways to increase floor space within your factory or warehouse. They are relatively easy to assemble and dismantle, enabling you to extend, move or relocate them with little trouble. Each installation can be customised to the size and shape of the available area, and to specific load-bearing requirements. As experts in the field, Dynamic will work with you to create a mezzanine floor plan that will meet all necessary regulations, as well as deliver the most cost-effective solution for your Melbourne warehouse.


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