The mezzanine office, a warehouse space saver

Warehouses are generally designed with ample room overhead. Unfortunately though, much of that space is typically left unused. A great way to make the most of your vacant space is to lift your warehouse office up off the floor, thereby eliminating wasted air space and freeing up administrative space for storage.

Moving on up

In addition to giving you extra storage space, there are a few other advantages to incorporating mezzanine office flooring. A mezzanine office design allows your office suite to be vertically integrated, as a two-story suite, instead of horizontally along the floor. Vertical integration is a much more efficient and functional use of your main floor space. Another fantastic advantage is the benefit of a panoptic view over your operations. Removing the need to observe operations from the ground, allows your employees to get on with their jobs without feeling like they are being watched. Raised office flooring offers a fully enclosed setting, free from dust and dirt. This provides a professional environment to showcase products and designs to customers. Finally, mezzanine office flooring is perfect for dynamic operations. Raising your office off the main floor will allow operations to change and evolve, unhindered by administrative space.


Designing spaces

There are a variety of reasons why you may need to install a mezzanine floor for office space – and these reasons are not restricted to an administrative capacity. A mezzanine office space can also be utilised for:


  • Computer Rooms
  • Lunch/Staff Room
  • A staff gym
  • Showers/Change Rooms
  • Creative space for your design or research team
  • A call centre that offers staff real time access to stock levels


Incorporating a mezzanine office

Incorporating a mezzanine office is easier than you may think. Your first consideration is allocation of space. A large office for a manager who is never there, could be better utilised as shared space for staff that are there all the time. Give equal importance to ensuring only top quality materials are used as well. Your most valuable asset, your employees, will utilise the mezzanine office constantly, so make sure you don’t compromise on materials and workmanship. Consider too, if it would be more conducive to build the walls of your mezzanine office to the existing ceiling, thereby exploiting the existing fixtures and fittings, or enclose the space by creating a ceiling with new fixtures and fittings. Made to suit the needs of your business and operations, your mezzanine office can be customised to fit around your existing equipment, building columns, and other obstructions.



The empty overhead space in your warehouse is an often un-tapped resource. Tap into the extra space a mezzanine office provides by calling Dynamic Warehouse Solutions, specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of Raised Office Areas.


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