Choosing your Mezzanine Flooring Material

There are a few different flooring materials available for your mezzanine level and each come with their own pros and cons. The successful selection of a working surface for your mezzanine will depend on the proposed usage for the extra story. Light requirements, fire danger and the use of pallet jacks, are important factors to consider when making your choice as well.

Lightweight Options
These options are best suited to light storage or walkways.

Particle board:

The most widely used, economical, and versatile flooring option available, particle board is used where point loads are not critical, such as office flooring or for light storage. Keep in mind though, that since it lacks the strength and durability of solid wood, particle board is not recommended where pallet jacks are in use. In addition, particle board is highly susceptible to water and physical damage, especially chipping. Having said that, it is relatively easy to replace a single damaged floorboard when needed. Waterproofing can assist, but it is best to avoid particle board where water has any chance of leaking through.

Grid Mesh:

Grid mesh is a great anti-slip surface, making it ideal for walkovers, catwalks, and ramps. Strong, economical and lightweight, the grating allows light to illuminate the areas beneath the mezzanine. This has a duel money saving value of eliminating the need to install a lot of lights, while saving you on your electrical bills. It’s unique design also allows water to infiltrate lower levels from sprinkler systems during a fire. Another fantastic advantage to grid mesh is the visibility, as well as air ventilation that it affords.

Heavy Duty Options
For heavier storage or chemical and manufacturing warehouses, you need heavy-duty options.

Compressed Fibre Cement:
Along with being fire and termite resistant, compressed fibre cement is great for wet areas and withstanding the use of pallet jacks. Compressed fibre cement is impact-resistant and can provide a sound resistant environment—ideal for manufacturing plants. It is also environmentally friendly, as fibre cement requires less energy in assembly and construction than all other floor materials except timber. When installed properly, it is resistant to rotting, warping and permanent water damage. And because it is easy to clean, it’s great for heavy manufacturing and extremely wet wash down areas.


Plywood is the strongest, lightest and most versatile flooring product made from a renewable resource. Tough and durable, plywood is recommended for high point loading such as pallet jacks and pallet racking. Economical and comfortable to walk on, plywood is great for light foot traffic areas and ideal for storage mezzanines, offices, and production lines.

Checker plate:

Checker plate is perfect in demanding environments where strength, durability and sealed flooring are paramount. The checker pattern on the metal plates holds non-slip traits and is ideal for walkways, ramps and other areas where slipping could be a hazard. Checker plate is made of steel, so has the advantage of being able to cope with high loads, both of distributed and localised nature. Although it can be expensive, heavy to move around, and installation is time consuming due to the need to bolt the steel down. It is also extremely hardwearing and fire resistant, making it ideal in chemical and combustible materials environments.

This information is only intended for guidance. It is always a good idea to discuss your specific project with a mezzanine design expert, because each project needs to be assessed individually. For advice regarding the specific requirements of your project, call Dynamic Warehouse Solutions and chat with one of our friendly staff today.


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